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A New Generation IT Company

Project Resource Management At EMF For Each Project

Technical Management Services

EMF approach to the successful integration and launch of complex software utilities is based on a stable pool of highly trained software engineers and a dedicated technical manager. This team is equipped with all the key core skills and the support to see to it that agreed objectives are met in a punctual, effective, and co-operative manner.

Project Planning

During a kick-off and consequent planning meetings with the customer following topics are agreed:

• Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
• Technical scope.
• Processes and documentation.
• Share of responsibilities.
• Schedule Online Zoom Meetings With the Client.
• Reporting.

A New Generation IT Company

Technical Skills

We have a diverse range of in-house skills, capable of undertaking a wide range of software projects and offering the services listed above. To deliver these, we use the latest tools and software skills.

Software Development: Visual Basic, C, C++, .Net 

Web Based Development: ASP, .NET, PHP, JAVA, JSP, JavaScript, VB Script, CSS, XML, DHTML, HTML 

Database: SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access

Design And Graphics: Adobe (Entire Suite), Corel Draw, Flash, Fireworks, Maya, 3D MAX

Web Servers: IIS, Apache-Tomcat
Operating Systems Windows (All Versions), Linux

Scalability: Infrastructure can be expanded to execute any size of project based on customer requirements, with dedicated and isolated set-ups for individual projects.

EMF Applications Art


Introduction CatchCatch, a next-generation life Matching platform, designed for the modern needs and lifestyles that truly matter today. CatchCatch enables you to find exactly whoever and whatever you’ re looking for across dating, marriage, procreation, friendship and so much more.

An app to ignite the lives of every human-being looking for love, romance, children, a co-parent and more, providing the ability the design the life they’ve always wanted.

EMF Applications Art


We can all agree the world needs more of those random acts of kindness. Got-Cha is making that easier.

Got-Cha allows its users to pick up the tab for a friend, no matter if they’re in the same place, the same city, or even the same state. By partnering with local bars and restaurants, Got-Cha lets you give someone in your network a special gift at the touch of a button while supporting small businesses.

Your friend in Minneapolis is celebrating a promotion? Surprise them with a shot!

Your significant other is out to dinner with friends?
Score some “brownie” points with a dessert on the house.

Make someone’s day, with Got-Cha.

EMF Applications Art

My Speech Community

My Speech Community (MSC) is the first social and wellness app, thoughtfully created by a speech-language pathologist. The app aims to provide a convenient platform for parents to communicate effectively in order to develop effective strategies that will help groom their children’s communication skills.

It also enables parents to share their progress with other parents. My Speech Community is the ultimate solution for parents to help their children with delayed speech.

EMF Applications Art


Make Every Ride SAFE and FUN With moto-comm so you can ride like wind without any interruptions. Using the Moto-Comm app with a handle bar mounted smartphone makes communication with the group safe, simple and fun.

Moto-Comm makes it easy to stay safe and have fun on your ride. The app has four colored squares which indicate different scenarios. Tap RED for urgent, BLUE for low gas, GREEN for pit stop, and YELLOW for a GPS group locator. In case a rider gets lost or left behind, the group locator wil show the exact location of each rider on a map. A crash sensor will alert the group or alert 911 should anyone have an accident or drop the bike.

Everything you need in one APP.

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Yoga Playpen

Irrespective of time and place, Yoga Playpen’s journaling tool allows you to focus on your needs. Prompts and workshops are provided to guide and support you through your journey inward for you to be able to present the best of you outward.

Journaling has numerous benefits.

  • Are you searching for ways to improve your wellbeing, grow, and build better relationships?
  • Are you bored of your routine and want to spark inner creativity and be more innovative?
  • Are you unable to focus or find clarity, purpose and meaning in your life?

Yoga Playpen offers a journaling and self-investment tool that is competitively priced so that you can take the time to focus on your holistic wellbeing.

EMF Applications Art

Dragon Force Ninjas

Dragon Force Ninjas Is the worlds first Reward based martial arts video game.

Finding Dragon eggs, save the the innocent and fight the uncivil. These are just some of the adventures you will encounter in the magical world of Winguard. Don’t forget to look behind every corner there’s always something waiting for you.Vanquishing the evil forces of Berzona is just one of the ways to get ahead. There are mountain tops homes, sticky caves and open oceans to explore.

The fun doesn’t stop there!

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